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Patrimium offers a complete suite of bespoke family office services, with a focus on global investment solutions realizing superior investment returns for clients. By implementing a time-tested multi-asset class approach, Patrimium unlocks value, identifies pockets of growth, and realizes significant synergies for clients by investing across company stages, balance sheets, and access points, in the public and private domains alike.

The partners of Patrimium have a proven track record of delivering excess return per unit of risk across economic cycles. This asymmetrical return profile is achieved through a combination of :


Proven Investment Judgement:

With a deep understanding of target sectors, regions, and companies, Patrimium invests with a disciplined and prudent mindset balancing wealth preservation with significant wealth creation upside.


State-of-the-Art Infrastructure:

Provision of Patrimium’s services is supported by leading subject matter experts and longstanding institutional partners to create a future-proof client infrastructure.


Proprietary Deal Flow:
Supported by longstanding and well-nurtured personal relationships, Patrimium has truly unique access to exceptional investment opportunities globally.


Bespoke & Aligned Client Focus:
Portfolio architecture is customized to individual client requirements and long term incentives are strictly aligned to the Patrimium team.

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